New: the Food Waste Collection will begin in May in the southern sector of the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood

The food waste collection started in the borough of CDN-NDG in 2016, by the NDG neighbourhood. In 2017, it will expand eastward and will serve the southern sector of the CDN neighbourhood (the area located South of chemin Queen-Mary, between avenue Macdonald and chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges).

To see the global perspective, please see the implementation calendar for the whole borough, which covers the 2016-2019 period.

Targeted buildings: those containing 8 residential units and less (single-family houses, duplexes, triplexes and small buildings with 4-8 apartments).

Éco-quartier Côte-des-Neiges employees will perform door-to-door visits to residents in March and April 2017, in order to present the new collection and to answer questions. The containers and documentation (including bag samples) will be delivered between April 10th and 28th at every door.

In the new sector, the Food Waste Collection will officially begin on Friday May 5th, 2017. Then the Friday garbage collection will stop, except for buildings with 9 or more residential units, which will not be served by the Food Waste Collection.

Notice to managers of buidings with 4-8 residential units: if you think that the food waste management would be easier with a large brown bin with wheels, instead of several small individual brown bins, please contact us. In this case, it might be possible not to receive the small brown bins in April, but a larger bin with wheels later.

Notice to managers to managers of buildings with 9 residential units or more: if the recyclable materials and garbage management is outstanding in your building and if you are interested in participating to the new Food Waste Collection, it is possible to register by contacting us. An onsite evaluation will be required.

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