If you don’t yet have access to the municipal food waste collection and even if you do, there are other options to participate in properly managing your food waste! Composting at home or at a community composting site reduces the fuel burned transporting your food waste to the city’s composting sites.

Composting at home

A great option is to do your own composting! There are a few options, some can even be done inside a small space like an apartment. If you have space available on your property, you can create a basic compost pile or purchase (or build!) a compost bin or box (pre-built compost bins/boxes are available at most hardware stores), or you can do vermicomposting indoors. For the more adventurous, Bokashi composting is an option as well (here is a good book on the subject).

Community composting

We manage community composting sites which offer the opportunity to get involved in reducing the amount of landfill waste you generate by composting collectively with your neighbours.

To begin using one of our sites, please get in touch with us by email, phone, or in person. We will send you all of the necessary information to get started.

We encourage all participants to share in the proper maintenance of each composter. The final compost output is provided free of charge for use by all participants.

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