Green alleys

Is there an alley in your neighbourhood you’d like to make greener and more pleasant for everyone? We can offer you and your neighbours support for the creation of a green alley project to help improve your neighbourhood!


As you can see on the map, there are already many green alleys throughout Montréal that you can take inspiration from (including several in NDG)!

Photos of existing green alleys

Steps involved

  • Assemble a committee of interested residents who will work together on the project
  • Obtain agreement for the project from a majority (greater than 50%) of the residents with homes touching the chosen alley
  • Submit a request to us by filling out this form and sending it to (or bring it to our office)
  • If your project is accepted and funding is approved by the borough, we will work with you to design your green alley and make it a reality!

Photo credit: Ruelle verte 25e/26e/St-Zotique/Bélanger; CC BY-SA 3.0: Baty Arnaud, Alex Hartunian (Wikimedia Commons)
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