New service at our office: polystyrene drop-off point

To celebrate Earth Day 2015, the SOCENV will officially launch a new service tomorrow: a drop-off point at our office for polystyrene, a.k.a. plastic #6. This plastic category is presently not welcome into City of Montréal’s recycling containers and is labelled by the following logo:


Accepted items:

  • Clean expanded polystyrene : protective styrofoam packaging, single-use styrofoam dishes and coffee cups, styrofoam vegetable/fruit/meat containers
  • Clean rigid polystyrene: single-use plastic dishes and utensils, one-serving yogurt containers, mushroom containers, cd cases (without booklet), sushi plates,…
  • Please do not mix both polystyrene categories.

At this stage of the project, we are accepting materials from CDN residents and commynity organizations, but we are planning to include some businesses and institutions in a second phase.

For more information, please contact us. We will bring all collected plastic to our partner Polystyvert (, that will recycle it using its innovative process based on dissolving the polystyrene with the held of essential oils. Thanks to:Polystyvert_logo

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