A tree for my neighbourhood

Take part in the action against the climate change by planting a tree in your property ! Buy trees at an interesting price thanks to the program of « A tree for my neighbourhood ». The deadline to reserve a tree is the 5th of June.ECO_QUARTIER_A tree_reduce

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Spring cleanup

Please note in your calendar the 2nd of May. Like each year, the big cleanup activity with the participation of the members of SOCENV and the residants of the Bourough wil be held. This year, as a part of the program of Opération Montréal we will get together to clean up Linton Avenue in a playful atmosphere on this beginning of the spring.

So let’s get together:
Where: Corner of Linton and Côte-des-Neiges
When: Saturday the 2nd of May at 10am

Keep an eye on the other cleanup activities in your neighbourhood which could be registered on the web site of the city of Montréal.

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