Certify your garden with the Espace pour la vie My Garden program!

Get your garden certified!

Have you created a garden or planted a balcony or terrace? The Espace pour la vie My Garden program has developed a certification for citizens who adopt ecological gardening practices that help protect biodiversity. The program offers a host of tips for creating themed gardens and feeding and housing an oasis of pollinators! Become an agent of change and contribute to the Espace pour la vie My Garden Space movement!

Several themes to choose from for your themed garden

Choose the project you like and that suits you best! The layouts suggested for the four My Garden themes allow for support of biodiversity but also for feeding and accommodating a host of pollinators like bees, butterflies and birds.

Based on your natural affinities and the surface area at your disposal, choose one or more of the following theme gardens that allow you to obtain a certification – or choose them all!

  • The Biodiversity Garden promotes the cultivation of a diverse flora, especially native plants, in order to attract a wide range of useful fauna to your garden.
  • The Edible Garden  invites you to grow a diversity of plants that feed both the gardener and wildlife. The charming, the useful and the delicious all together!
  • The Monarch Oasis  will transform your garden into sites of observation and reproduction of these flamboyant butterflies and many other native insect species; 
  • The Bird Garden offers a space that will attract birds – a garden where they can feed and shelter throughout the year.
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